Peerstage is a

change agency

in the Baltic Sea Region

At Peerstage, we help design and facilitate our clients international collaborations. 

For us at Peerstage, every assignment is unique

We conceive & design what you need to do to get where you’re going, not what worked for someone else. We believe that you yourselves have the answers and solutions that you need, therefore we design our trainings and workshops to help you extract these answers. Based in Sweden, we design and lead events that range from small meetings and co-creative workshops, to shorter and longer trainings as well as large conference-style gatherings. 

Our professional trainers and facilitators offer trusted guidance and custom coaching to teams that want to transform their collaboration; connect networks, programs or projects too strategies or vice versa, and cut through cultural challenges. 

  • Public Authorities; EU, national, regional and local level
  • Academia
  • Civil Society Organisations
Our Specialties
  • Human centered collaboration
  • Asynchronous team development
  • Digital collaboration
Senior Consultant

Therese Mithander Udovcic

Senior Consultant

Daniel Sköld